2. Words to live by aka Werner Herzog’s mantra(s)… via Bedford and Bowery

  3. bamnextwave:

    A lot of talent in one room: Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Timo Andres, Nico Muhly, and David Cosson rehearsing Four Organs today at BAM.

    took some pics of some talented dudes today. (emoji of the two hands with the diamonds between them).


  4. Welcome to New York City’s largest experiment in live performance…


    …now on tumblr.

  5. Obsessed with Eve Fowler’s “A Spectacle and Nothing Else” (photographed in part here at the moma)—21 neon posters that echo the style of Peruvian chicha ads (and, apparently more directly, concert posters in LA), but with quotes from Gertrude Stein’s Tender Buttons.

    Anyone telling anything is telling that thing.

  6. subdivisionoftheaesthetic:

    Mother Eagle

    Stitchgasm! – Brer Fly’s Skeleton Cat

    Kira Scarlet


    William Schaff

  9. mexandthecity:

    IRIS: A New York Times article on the lowrider cholo culture around the world uncovers “South American Cholo” a documentary about São Paulo’s fascinating cultura chicana.

    The film features interviews with major personalities and icons from the movement such as Estevan Oriol, Duel, Luiz Gordo and Alemão, who take viewers through the world of lowriders, tattoos, religion and fashion as they recount why they’re so passionate about culture chicana and why they relate so much to those living the life in East Los Angeles.

    Director & Producer: Phuong-Cac Nguyen
    Release date: Spring 2013

    (Source: mexandthecity)

  10. wfmu:

    Sea Anemone-Like Balloon Sculptures Bigger than Cars: